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About Us

Travel Nurse Creates A Tribe Just for Vacations

Trippin Over My Goals is a travel club for goal-oriented Women who may not have a group of friends who are ready to travel and really want to make new connections anyway. These women consist of but are not limited to: travel nurses, entrepreneurs and other healthcare professionals. We have been to The Bahamas, Cancun, Miami, Tulum, Turks and Caicos, Costa Rica, Bali and many more to come. 

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Our Story

Trippin Over My Goals was born into our empowerment community, Chicks with Cheques in 2017. With our founder Meisha Amia being a travel nurse and an entrepreneur we learned just how hard this community works day in and out to meet business goals but often times they leave very little time for their spiritual and personal development. We created a luxury travel experiences just for our community to pause, reset and regroup to reach their goals.

Meet The Team

Our Clients

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